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Nový celoslovenský časopis študentov práva LegalPoint

Nový celoslovenský časopis študentov práva LegalPoint
Za redakčný tím
Za redakčný tím
Article discusses about young law student's magazine called LegalPoint, which is created by the nation wide law student's organization The European Law Students' Association Slovakia (ELSA Slovakia). It presents, in short, the organization ELSA Slovakia an dits activities, which include project LegalPoint. This project is presented as young, but as a project with high quality. Authors describe short history and ideas of executive team during the birth of new journal. Very important is the fact, that the creation of magazíne was accompanied by problem with the implementation of LegalPoint as a long-term project. The founding team of editors was successful to solve this problem and more over the project started to be much more successful than theky expected. Article briefly describes the purpose and milion of LegalPoint journal, its position in the ELSA's structure. You canals ofindin formation on the focus and direction of the magazine here. Thereis also aquick description and presentation of team, chat completes reader's image of this Unixe project. Finally, the readeris in formed about the kontent of new LegalPoint magazine. This creates a komplete view of the project LegalPoint, as well as the organization it self (ELSA Slovakia). Wecanassume, according to thereview, that reader s may expect great law journal...
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