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Justičná revue 3/2021


P. Bourdieu na ústavnom súde alebo môžu sa poslanci NR SR stávať sudcami ústavného súdu?

doc. JUDr. Tomáš Ľalík, PhD.

The aim of the paper is to demonstrate an influence of P. Bourdieu's reflexive sociology on action of constitutional court judges. The subjects of research are the judges of the Slovak Constitution...

K porušeniu niektorých povinností v oblasti ochrany osobných údajov

JUDr. Anton Ukropec

The author in the article deals with frequently occurred breach of some oblgations in the area of data protection as well as proposals on how to improve data protection. There is pointed out to the...

Advokátsky koncipient v konaní o európskom zatýkacom rozkaze

JUDr. Barbora Kollárová

In this paper, we will focus on the rights of the defense in the European arrest warrant procedure, addressing the legal question of whether it is possible for a lawyer to be represented in this pr...

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